Company About Kisogawasenjyu Co., Ltd.

Company Management

Mission Vision Value

Our company’s main business is dyeing and organizing fabrics, and as a small and dedicated team, we combine all of our technologies and creativity to create products that satisfy our customers. In addition, we think about what is necessary for the environment and people’s happiness, innovate with flexibility, and contribute to the creation of a prosperous and comfortable society required by the times. On top of that, we value our sensibilities and strive every day to inspire our customers through design and fashion, aiming to be a one-of-a-kind company that will continue to operate 100 years from now.

  1. 1 Smile and inspiration
  2. 2 Environmental and human health
  3. 3 Peace of mind and comfort
  4. 4 Design sensibility

We provide customers with a sense of security and enjoyment through manufacturing that considers environmental sustainability. In addition, the purpose of our management activities is to pursue physical and mental well-being and growth of all employees.

  1. We aim to make safe and secure products in consideration of environmental sustainability and effective use of resources.
  2. We actively contribute to the development of the local community.
  3. We do our best to smile and have empathy when interacting with customers.
  4. We create an organizational environment where employees can set goals and increase their motivation for growth.
  5. We utilize our welfare programs to guarantee the smiles and happiness of our employees.
  6. We secure appropriate profits through proactive management based on sincerity.
  1. We pursue various technologies required in the modern era without being bound by a fixed concept.
  2. We polish our stable responsiveness so that our customers can feel at ease.
  3. We value courtesy and etiquette and strive to grow as a person with a feeling of gratitude.
  4. We continue to be committed to achieving our vision.
  5. We support our fellow challengers and cooperate so that we can grow together.

Company Slogun

For a happy daily life

This is Kisogawa Senjyu’s motto to head to the future.
No matter how the world changes, we believe that smiles create physical and
mental well-being and lead to happiness for each individual,
for the people close to us, and for society.

Colors and textures that naturally make you smile lead to
comfort in your life and create a positive cycle.

Since our founding, we have been striving to create new value and
enrich our daily lives through our corporate activities.
We will continue to inspire our customers, employees, and everyone involved, “for a happy daily life.”
We promise to continue to take on challenges through our materials so that
we can see the happiness of living with the community and
the natural environment and bring smiles to the future.

Kisogawasenjyu Co., Ltd.

Company History

Nuisuke Ando established and founded Kisogawa Senjyu in Nakaokuwa-cho, Gifu City. Mainly for dyeing and organizing textiles
Temporarily closed due to a factory fire
Purchased land and moved to 6 Asahimachi, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun(site of the current nap-raising factory)
Arrangement work centered on nap-raising textiles
Worked on bleaching dyeing with 2 early wince machines and rearranging resin processing of raw scale
Masami Ando was appointed as the second representative of Kisogawa Senjyu.
Acquired factory site at 167, 168 (current Factory C) in Dendai, Kasamatsu- cho, Hashima-gun
Newly built factory, focusing on thread dyeing
Two factories were added (A and B factories) in line with the land acquisition next to the C factory.
Acquisition of land for Factories D and E
Transition from thread dyeing to cloth dyeing
Acquisition of land for head office
Head office building was newly built
Changed the company name from Kisogawa Senjyu to Ando.
Established Kisogawa Senjyu Co., Ltd. with capital of 15 million yen
New construction of Factories A and B
New construction of Factory D
New construction of Factory E
Atsushi Ando was appointed the third president of Kisogawa Senjyu Co., Ltd. .
Merger with Ando. Total capital of 17.1 million yen.
Continuing to take on challenges with composite materials (three-way mixed, four- way mixed) centered on acrylic and ester materials

Company Information

Company Name
Kisogawa Senjyu Co., Ltd.
185, Dendai, Kasamatsu-cho,
Hashima-gun, Gifu, 501-6062, Japan
+81-58-388-0361 [Hours: 9:00 to 17:00]
December 1950 [Establishment: December 1995]
Atsushi Ando, President and CEO
17.1 million yen
40 employees
603 million yen
Business Description
Dyeing and organizing of knitted fabrics